Hi, I am Shona Gilbert the founder and owner of Heritage Manual Therapy, a provider of multiple modalities of integrative soft tissue and fascial care. Using Structural Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) Muscle Testing, Gait and Breathing Evaluations, Postural Assessments, and Functional Neuro Anatomy assessment we derive best and direct course of treatment strategies for Musculo-skeletal fascial strain and pain management.  


My primary modalities of treatment:

  • Active Release Technique® - The gold standard in manual techniques for systemic, and neuroscience-based approaches to practical posture care, nerve entrapments and injury recovery.

  • MPS Neuro Stim aka Electro Acupuncture for Neuro-Regulation - a low frequency Direct Current (DC) device that is gaining attention in the healthcare industry for its powerful influence on Vagal Nerve stimulation for pain reduction, stress reduction, and accelerated cellular healing

    • MPS Neuro Stim – superior intervention for scar release therapy with bio electrical stimulation. E-Stim with direct current is clinically proven to  increase wellness markers: increasing cellular ATP,  Heart Rate Variability while lowering cortisol levels.

  • Posture Restoration Institute’s - Evidenced Based Practice for structural repositioning, and Neural Reeducation used for breathing and structural reposing strategies.

  • ZHealth Neuro Functional Anatomy - Meeting your autonomic nervous systems control center or your neural G.P.S. to increase overall brain plasticity with high pay-off drills and guided training to activate the processes that govern your sensory motor matching, orientation awareness, used for reducing pain, stress, and movement intelligence and further injury prevention.


 Centered in the beautiful historic neighborhood of Heritage near the University of Texas. I proudly serve the extended Austin community.