Shona Gilbert  is the founder and owner of Heritage Manual Therapy, a manual therapy practice centered in the beautiful historic neighborhood of Heritage near the University of Texas. She proudly serves the extended Austin community.

Shona’s ultimate goal is to spread the good news that you too can have a strong mutually beneficial relationship with your body.

Shona is a licensed Elite Provider for Active Release Technique® (ART®), including Upper- LV1, Lower- LV1, Spine LV1, and a "Full Body" Certification with Long Track Nerve Entrapments. The most recent accomplishment in early March 2020, with diagnostics and testing into the Elite Provider Network for Active Release Technique's corporate branch of ART®. 

Shona is also a student of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI). Structural Integration is the re-engineering of ingrained neuromuscular patterns that ultimately manifest in pain and disease of the body. Under the direct instruction of Thomas Myers, Shona is currently studying myofascial meridians, kinesis and the ubiquitous neurology of connective tissue, myofascia, and deep fascia. Shona recognizes that our posture tells much about what we do and how we are handling it. Her next goal is to earn her international board certification in Structural Integration while developing and integrating an extremely broad understanding of myofascial anatomy culled from multiple sources and best practices.

Graduate of the Lauderstein-Conway School of Massage, 2018. Licensed and Registered with the State of Texas in Manual Therapy. Shona is a proud provider with additional certifications and licenses in Graston Technique Therapy®. Shona holds a PT certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, and a (CES) Corrective Exercise. Shona is also registered as an E- RYT with the governing body of YOGA - Yoga Alliance Worldwide. Shona is also the manual therapist for Velo Roussillon, a team of cyclists that train in Provence. She is a wife, mother, active yogi, athlete, and runner. All these modalities provide Shona with multiple lenses with which to work with the body.

Shona was born and raised in Sonoma County California. She has a deep appreciation for athleticism and brings over 30 years’ experience in movement. Her passion for healthy living and cultivating an active lifestyle has expanded her personally and professionally with coaching experience in New York City, Connecticut, Dallas, and Austin.  With a background in gymnastics, dance, water, and endurance sports, Shona has gained a deep understanding of the body in motion.

Becoming an expert manual therapist is one of Shona's proudest professional achievements since her former career as a jewelry designer. Shona would have likely stayed in the arts, but the universe had a different plan for her. In March of 2016 she was faced with a life threatening injury to her spinal cord at the cervical levels of five through seven. She only survived by decompression surgery resulting in an anterior fusion and discectomy. This led Shona to devote her life and career to understanding the complexities of soft-tissues, structure and applying that understanding to help others overcome injury and maximize performance.

Licensed Manual Therapist, Active Release Technique® Full Body Provider, Graston Technique Thereapy®, NASM - Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Excercise, Yoga Alliance Teacher

Shona Gilbert - LMT, Elite Provider -Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique® CPT, CES, E-RYT
3108 Grandview Street, 78705